Philippe Burlina

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Invited talk on AI Fairness @ UMD (May 2021)

Invited talk on AI fairness @ U Louisiana Lafayette (April 2021)

JAMA Opthalmology paper on “Low-shot deep learning of diabetic retinopathy with potential applications to address artificial intelligence bias in retinal diagnostics and rare ophthalmic diseases”

TVST journal paper on “Addressing Artificial Intelligence Bias in Retinal Disease Diagnostics”

News piece on “JHU Researchers Begin to Tackle Bias in AI..””

CVPR paper “Where is Wally? Deep Generative and Discrimniative Embeddings for Anomaly Detection”

News article on “Leveraging Deep Learning for Eye Health Requires More Attention to Technical, Clinical Considerations”

news article on “Artificial Intelligence Could Help Diagnose Eye Conditions”

Chaired AIRIA 2018, workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Retinal Image Analysis held in conjunction with ACCV 2018 in Perth, AU.

News article on “Computer-Aided Identification of Lyme Disease Rashes”

Invited talk “AI for Medical Imaging” at Kyoto University

Invited talk at Nagoya University

Plenary/invited talk APTOS 2018 on “AI for retinal image analysis”

Plenary invited talk ARVO 2018 SIG: AI for retinal imaging

Invited talk at DRCR

News item on Johns Hopkins Research Points to Increasing Role of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

Nature medicine paper

Press release: Johns Hopkins APL, Wilmer Eye Institute to Develop Tools to Detect Age-Related Macular degeneration